Letter Links Online is designed to be used in conjunction with the English or Spanish version of Letter Links — Alphabet Learning With Children’s Names. This HighScope Press book provides detailed information that will help you understand and use the letter links name learning system to strengthen young children’s early literacy development.

Suitable for all early childhood educators, this book takes children's natural interest in learning to write their own names as an entryway to teaching them letter recognition skills, letter-sound correspondence, and letter/word writing. In the letter links name learning system, each child is assigned a letter link that comes in two distinct parts: a nametag and a letter-linked image for a word starting with the same letter and sound as the child's name. Using this system, teachers can introduce fun-filled activities related to the alphabetic principle, phonological awareness, sense of word, and vocabulary. The authors of Letter Links are reading expert Dr. Andrea DeBruin-Parecki and early childhood curriculum developer and writer Mary Hohmann.

The Spanish and English versions of this book each provide numerous examples of letter-linked images that may be used for letter sounds in the language featured. Letter Links Online provides the same sets of letter-linked images (for both Spanish and English words) given in the two books. However, the Letter Links book contains a wealth of additional information on the research on early literacy that underlies the letter links system. The book also outlines eight specific steps to follow when using letter links and provides more than 20 letter links learning activities for teachers to use in their classrooms during various parts of the day. Letter Links is available from $25.95 from HighScope Press (#P1204).

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